Monday, June 05, 2006

Jackie’s Adventure

UN Radio is playing a radio play in Liberian English called “Jackie’s Adventure” right now. The characters are in the military, and there’s a competition between squadrons to climb a wall for a five gallons of ice cream. The commander character has an American accent, which makes sense because there are US trainers here now. Jackie Gibson is a savvy and headstrong woman, confident and encouraging to her male counterparts. She helps a guy finish the race who was stuck, even at the cost of coming in second herself. Theme song: “She’s a lady/a woman soldier/with no illusions/I’m ready to serve my country.”

Will put together a survey of the media here soon. I have seen some 6 different newspapers so far. They are crazy hard on the Iron Lady already! I heard a short message from her yesterday on what must have been state radio, and I don't want to take sides or anything, but she was saying some pretty inspiring things about how to reconcile the divisions in society, supporting the truth and reconciliation process that's just now unfolding.


Anonymous Lisa D! said...

Hi Josh!

What kind of music do the people enjoy? Is hi life popular? Thanks for making this blog, I'm sure to enjoy it!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does Liberian English sound like


6:53 PM  
Blogger beckler said...

Are there really roadside vendors selling videos of the torture and execution of the previous president?

Do you see a lot of maimed people because of the civil war?

Yikes, I should think of a more cheerful question. How's the food?

7:47 PM  
Blogger josh said...

liberian english sounds like a reeeealy thick accent (as i'm sure my US english does to liberians), with a little different grammar re: "How's it go?". they say a lot of things that we'd associate with older, more formal english.

8:44 AM  
Blogger josh said...

jeez, gruesome comments! yeah yesterday at a hotel i saw a 50-something guy with his arm missing halfway down from the elbow. can't confirm that it was a war injury.

as for the video of president doe's execution, i have heard that from US media, but i haven't seen any videos for sale besides bootleg DVDs of latest run movies. probably there's not much demand for that title since the war is over.

8:49 AM  

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