Friday, June 23, 2006

TRC inaugurated

Lots of discussion of the new Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the radio this AM. This is a process pioneered in South Africa to help society move forward and deal with the atrocities of the past. It's separate from a war crimes trial, where people are punished. In a TRC, people get immunity from punishment as long as they come clean about what they did. It's a chance for the laundry to be aired with the whole world watching, in such a way that nobody feels threatened. From the sound of some of the callers on the radio this morning, the TRC has a big job to do in calming public fears about its motives.

In other news, the Iron Lady's doing a ceremonial installation of a light pole this afternoon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Josh,

I am a Liberian residing inthe United States of America. I read your blog and that of dozens of other expatriates blogging from the Liberia. your stories are informative and amusing. I am not a blogger this is the reason I signed on as anonymous. Keep up the good work. Oh! I might return home soon.


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