Thursday, July 06, 2006

Scary Liberian Fauna

I haven’t seen one yet, but Jonathan found a spider in his house that looks like it could wrestle a teenager to the ground. [Thanks Lise for the tip.] Reminds me of a story about some place in Northern California where people put the legs of their beds in buckets of water to keep the tarantulas off. The spiders in our house are ugly and large, but this is ridiculous. I hope these monsters eat cockroaches, at least! We could use one in our refrigerator. Our house lizards aren’t working hard enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That reminds me of one I ran into in the shower when we were in Vietnam. It was at least as big as my hand, just hanging out in the shower near the ceiling. I was flipping, but my wife was just like 'oh, yeah, whatever' having at some point in her life grown accustomed to them, I guess. What's weird is she'll freak over the little spiders in the states!
Jason D

7:04 PM  

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