Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fire Info Trickling Out

They’ve empanelled an international team of investigators to get to the bottom of the fire mystery, and the radio says they've already sent some forensic evidence out of the country for testing. The Johnson-Sirleaf Administration is making staff changes at the Executive Mansion, and she accepted the resignation of her Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, who took the blame for the fire.*

This story from The Inquirer collects lots of relevant tidbits from all over town, but they bury this (unsourced!?!?!) bombshell near the end:

“[It] appears like the arson was a combination of inflammable pyrotechnics devices compounded with incendiary high velocity gasoline”.

Upside is that the fire hasn't caused any wider problems, social or political. People were fearing the worst.

*Incidentally, the guy who's been appointed interim is named Willis D. Knuckles, Jr. Even by Liberian standards, that is one hot name! Feature on Liberian names coming soon.


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