Thursday, September 14, 2006


President Johnson-Sirleaf is keynote speaker at a conference on African affairs in Boston in October 2006. The guest list is pretty impressive, as is the $850 entry fee.

Incidentally, the president's biography on the conference website tackles the issue of her support for Taylor:

She initially supported Charles Taylor's rebellion against the dictatorial sanguinary regime of Sergeant Samuel Doe. She later opposed Charles Taylor when his regime took the same bloody turn as his predecessor’s. She ran against him in the 1997 presidential elections. She managed only ten percent of the votes, as opposed to Taylor's seventy-five percent. Taylor charged her with treason. She campaigned for the removal of President Taylor from office, playing an active and supportive role in the transitional government, as the country prepared itself for the 2005 elections. With Taylor's departure, she returned to take over the leadership of the Unity Party.

Thanks Michael for the link.


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