Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Drop it Like It's Hot, Pt. 5

Got this email from a buddy:
j -

I thought
you might find the Iron Lady's reported comments at Georgetown vis a vis paying back debt, etc interesting... I've never heard of her being so publicly supportive of fast-tracking Liberia's debt relief before (she always seemed to be going along with HIPC, at least publicly)... I wonder if the Jubilee/Africa Action activist phone-calls to [World Bank President Paul] Wolfowitz last week were encouraging to her.

Here are some stories about the phone call action and Jubilee's pressure vis immediate debt cancellation...

Africa Action Calls on World Bank to Cancel Liberia's Debt
Kansas City infoZine, MO - Oct 22, 2006
World Bank President Liberia's Debt Cancellation Campaign Intensifies
Voice of America, Oct. 18 06


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