Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sierra Leone: 39,000 More Liberians Coming Home

From a Sierra Leonean paper:

Final deadline has been set for the organized repatriation of twenty-five thousand Liberian Refugees from Sierra Leone.

By the end of June 2007, a total of 14,000 Liberian Refugees in camps and the urban areas near the capital Freetown, Bo and Kenema will also be repatriated.

That's 39,000 people. Speaking of which, I heard a new Liberian song on 107FM tonight; the lyrics were from the perspective of a woman in the USA. This is what i can remember:

Give me a one way ticket to Monrovia/I'm never coming back/Thank you papa Kofi Annan/Thank you George Bush/Thank you ECOWAS/Give me a one way ticket to Monrovia


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