Monday, December 11, 2006

At the UN

Attended this event at the Secretariat in New York the other day, along with the Deputy Minister of Gender, local Liberian and international NGO people, and about 90 spectators. Lots of gruesome statistics and hard realities were discussed.

Bottom line is that the government is asking for 15 million bucks to implement a national plan of action for addressing gender-based violence (GBV). Given Liberia's current status as one of the world's worst places to be a woman, that seems like a bargain.

I was impressed with the Liberian abassador to the UN, who seems like the real thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

West African Prostitution Rates
2004-2005: ^ 4%
2005-2006: v 3%
2006-2007: v x%....To be determined
Hopefully with Female leadership spouting, African women will lead the fight against prostitution.

8:08 PM  
Blogger josh said...

The "fight against prostitution" should be a fight for greater economic opportunity, especially for women. Fighting against prostitution itself seems like a waste of time and energy, and risks blaming the victim.

Where did you get those numbers?

9:32 PM  

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