Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fingers Crossed for the Children's Party

High potential for disaster: the government is throwing a gigantic kids' holiday party at various sites around Monrovia on New Year's Day. Someone on the radio said they were expecting 80,000 kids to attend (!), likely drawn by the lure of a free meal. Last night I heard that the government waited until yesterday afternoon to start asking iNGOs for their help with logistics, and the government hospital was still looking for an on-call ambulance as of 10PM last night.

When the government threw its last kids' party on Founders' Day July 26th, the president later had to issue a public apology for logistical problems that caused some amount of chaos. But hey, if it endears the citizens to the government, and if a bunch of hungry kids can get a meal out of the deal, maybe it's worth it.

Hope all goes well!


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