Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Government Responds to FrontPageAfrica Report Card

They call it "The New Meaning of Dismal", a 29-point list of the government's accomplishments in the last year. Three examples:

12. Put Liberia back on a sound footing with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the African Development Bank, concluding successfully with the IMF a Staff Monitoring Program and obtaining for the first time Pre-arrears settlement grants of US$70million from the World Bank and US$4million from the AFDB;

15. Enforced the free and compulsory primary education system in Government Schools, with a result of 80 percent increase in enrollment at the primary school level;

19. Won support from the United States Congress and Administration for an additional US$50,000,000.00 in supplemental funding for continued assistance to ex-combatants, health, education, roads and electricity rehabilitation, the expenditure of which is ongoing;

Thanks Heidi.


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