Thursday, January 11, 2007

Newspapers: Snowe to Go

I bought seven different newspapers this AM, and all seven of them make it sound like House Speaker Edwin Snowe is a goner. Even a majority of his stalwarts have jumped ship and signed a bill to oust him.

At issue are these allegations:

1. He told the Taiwanese that Liberia would recognize Taiwan, without the President's permission. [China is THE major player in Liberia now.]

2. He brought a couple of unsavory characters with him on a government junket, called them government employees, and then lied about it.

3. He had a hand in stealing more than a million dollars from the petroleum company he worked for until last year.

Just the fact that the first two are not being ignored as business-as-usual I think says a lot about how far this government has come since the elections.

Congress goes back to work on Monday.


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