Tuesday, February 13, 2007

EJS Video from DC Event

At the Center for Global Development yesterday, an event called The New Liberia: From Conflict to Recovery:
"We believe that Liberia can be an example…that war-torn dictatorships can turn around and become responsible members of the international community," she said. "We are willing and ready to make the hard decisions, to adopt the right policies, to put in the right systems, if you are willing to be with us and support us, politically, analytically, and financially."
Scroll down the page for videos of EJS and Jesse Jackson, Jr.

I like that term, "The New Liberia". It would make an effective brand. Speaking of which, our friend Paul asks, when are they going to change the national seal, which is a symbol of exclusion, and for that matter, the flag, which is based on the US flag? If you want to change perceptions of your country, why not change the old symbols? They did it in South Africa, another former apartheid country.

Reminder: there's a conference on this issue of Liberia's national symbols in Indiana, USA, coming up in March. (Why not in Liberia? Good question.)


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