Tuesday, February 20, 2007

LL Media Awards

Best local newspaper (and now, website!): The New Democrat

For doing real journalism, as opposed to paid propaganda. And for paying attention to detail.

Best Radio Station: UNMIL Radio 91.5

We in the NGO community complain about the UN all the time. But I have to say, as a former radio person myself, I have been highly impressed with the quality of content on the Mission's radio station. They do everything from telling kids how to get their space organized to do homework, to reading the news in Liberian English, to explaining the government's anti-corruption programs. UNMIL is not very good on local news, but we have other stations for that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. My only disappointment is that Tom Kamara doesn't update the website as often as I would like him to do. As a Liberian who lives and teaches at a university in the U.S., the New Democrat is pretty much the most reliable source of information from home. Many foreigners are easily carried away by the so-called and self-proclaimed "independent" media institutions in Liberia. Many of these papers and organizations are propaganda outlets operated by ‘recycled’ politicians. With a few dollars, one can get anything published in Liberia. When Ellen Johnson Sirleaf accused some "journalists" of practicing "check-book" journalism, some of them went head over heels with rage. The truth does hurt. An international media observer remarked a few months ago on the BBC that today (meaning after Johnson-Sirleaf came to power) the "Liberian media is free but reckless". To that I add...and largely incompetent. It is refreshing that Tom Kamara still operates a newspaper in Liberia under extremely difficult circumstances. Hey Tell Tom to please keep the website contents current.

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