Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New House Speaker

After months of controversy and legal wrangling, the Liberian House of Representatives has a new speaker. He is Alex J.Tyler of the Liberia Action Party. He replaced former Speaker Edwin Snowe who resigned earlier this year after he was threatened with removal by his colleagues for allegedly bringing the House in disrepute. Snowe blamed the executive branch for bribing some legislators with $5,000 each to remove him.
In reading the papers, Speaker Tyler seems to be trying to project the image of a reconciler and a willing partner with the other branches of government. Anyone know anything about this man?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is a consensus builder and is less likely to make reckless and unfounded statements like his predecessor (Snowe). However, if actors outside the House of Representatives (I have in mind Charles Brumskine and Varney Sherman) who lost the presidential election seek to influence him and he falls for their mischief, we can expect to see more wrangling in the House.

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