Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Judge in The Hague: Taylor's Got a Point

I heard on the BBC this AM that the judge in the Charles Taylor trial in the Hague actually agreed with Taylor to some extent, admonishing the court administration for failing to provide adequate resources and logistics to the Taylor team to mount an adequate defense.

This is interesting because last month I attended a public information session with the various lawyers and court administrators, where they explained in detail all the resources that have been provided to the Defense team. They seemed to be anticipating this kind of accusation, making sure the public was aware of all the trouble they were going to in order to make the trial a fair one.

So who knows? The judge may simply be playing to the gallery of Taylor supporters in order to ease any tension on the ground in SL or Liberia. BTW, there's no tension to speak of here. On local radio, they were all but ignoring the story this AM.


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