Friday, June 22, 2007

UN Panel Calls for Probe into Flouting of Sanctions

The Security Council yesterday called on Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to set up a panel of financial and diamond experts to renew investigations of whether UN sanctions against Liberia are being broken after learning of “credible allegations” that the notorious former president Charles Taylor may still have access to considerable wealth. UN The panel report also noted allegations “of a large sum of money being with Charles Taylor at the time of his arrest in Nigeria” last year and his continuing ties to a cell phone company in Liberia. It added that the Nigerian Government had not allowed the panel to pursue the allegations and Liberia has not adopted laws authorizing a freeze.
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That phone company is the one that I use, namely Lonestar. Lonestar is the most popular phone company in Monrovia, if not the country. The US embassy refuses to do business with them, and I saw a newspaper editorial this AM calling for a boycott.

Speaking of boycotts, UL professors are still not working.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this normal for the UL to be this unstable? and if i understand correctly, both the students and the staff are angry?

how bad is this going to get?

3:32 PM  

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