Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Youth Peace Conference in Monrovia, Sept 20th, 2007

Registration is already past, but this looks like a worthy event (wait, read the comments! -Ed.):

The 2nd African Youth Peace Conference is a follow –up to the first Edition held on September 20 – 21, 2006 at the World Bank Country Office, Abuja, Nigeria, organized by Centre for Advocacy and Development in Africa (CADA Nigeria) in Partnership with West African Youth Network, Clean & Green Cities Foundation, Peace Corps of Nigeria, and with support from UNHCR Nigeria, UNDP Nigeria, World Bank Country Office Nigeria and Universal Peace Federation –IIFWP to Commemorate the WORLD PEACE DAY.

The focus of the 2nd Edition is to assess the contribution of the Youth in attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa, with particular emphasis on the four issues identified at the first Edition as the root causes of Youth Restiveness in Africa, (i) Poverty (ii) Weak Governance (iii) Development choices (iv) Unemployment.
Link, with contact info.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to take part in an event sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation - IIFWP. This is an organization of convicted felon and self-proclaimed Messiah Sun Myung Moon. Moon is a fraud and a fake. He is not the Messiah only a false Messiah.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Al said...

anon is right. The Universal Peace Federation is Moon's last gasp effort to manipulate the planet. Google "moon japan spiritual sales" and see where he makes hundreds of millions swindling widows.

You can see Moon's "family values" in action here. It shows his daughter and daughter in law talking about how Mr. and Mrs. Messiah Moon told them to go jump in the lake when they told them about how their husbands beat them.

Read some excerpts from his daughter in law's book here.

Many well meaning people are being conned the world over including the leader of Liberia from what I understand.

Here's a quote from Moon - he is all about world power. He intends to theocratize the UN as part of his plot also.

Once the leaders of these African nations realize that Reverend Moon has enough power, knowledge and truth to teach the entire European continental leadership and nations, then the African leaders will unite with Reverend Moon and lead the European continent. …

Father has already established enough foundation in the world. Now it is a matter of organization. On the African continent there are many heads of states and tribal chiefs who welcome Reverend Moon. The time has come when we can deal with the heads of states all over the world. We can even deal with the United Nations.
[The Grand Clean Up Period In The History Of Good And Evil - Sun Myung Moon June 23, 1996 Belvedere - International Training Center]

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's a quote from a former member of Moon's organization who traveled the world entertaining Moon before he saw the light. Look at what he witnessed.

quoting Craig Maxim

Another time, I was in Moon's mansion in New York and watched him receive some guests from Africa. They were missionaries from Moon's church in Africa who were granted an audience with him. I watched as he told them how sorry he was for their situation, how he knew they were poor, sometimes not even getting one meal a day. He blamed America for their poverty and said that America should share it's wealth with them for free, that this was the reason he was here in America, to help these poor countries and that he felt so sorry for their poverty. He then dismissed them and they left. No doubt, they felt that Moon really cared for their situation and went away even more convinced that he was the messiah.

But I watched as some of Moon's relatives from N. Korea were next on the guest list and when they had been ushered in to have an audience with Moon, he began passing out to them Rolex watches, costing thousands of dollars each. They excitedly put them on their wrists and though I didn't question him then, looking back I wonder how many years of food those watches could have bought Moon's own missionaries who had left just moments before, empty handed.

Now Moon owns Christian Bernard Jewlers so he can get his gold watches cheap.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous John Abelseth said...

I guess "anonymous" "Craig" and "al" have a mission in life: to discredit a man who has given his life for world peace and still is, even into his late 80's. Seems their anger and resentment fuel them to spread hatred instead of working to make the world a better place. (That isnt YOU, is it Steve?)

But then what do we expect from those who don't even know their own names?

John Abelseth

4:35 PM  
Blogger josh said...

"given his life for world peace"? If I'm not mistaken, Moon is the owner of the arch-conservative, jingoistic (fake) newspaper the Washington Times, which never hesitates to beat the drum for war.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:19 AM  

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