Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Early Liberian History Resources

Via our good pal Eddie Becker, some fascinating stuff on the contemporary politics in the days when Liberia was being founded, and the whole colonization movement in the US.

...the Afro-American community was not very enthusiastic about the project. In 1817 three thousand blacks crowded into the Bethel Church in Philadelphia and, led by Richard Allen, vehemently criticized colonization. They charged that the Society's propaganda only served to increase racial discrimination since it stressed the poverty and ignorance of the freedman and claimed he was doomed to continue in his filth and degradation because of his natural inferiority.

(BTW, Eddie was a pioneer in the use of the web to chronicle the history of slavery and racism, and he gives a mean walking tour of endangered historic slavery sites in DC.)


Anonymous The Belgian Waffle said...

Well hello in there mate. Trish, Issa, Woopy (don't ask) and I are very impressed by the weblog. Looking forward to read the stories of your adventures.
So what about the pictures of the swanky villa on the beach just to make us dream a little.
Oh and don't count on me to finance your collection of political tee-shirts. I know all you intend to do is sell it on Ebay at some point...
Talk soon hopefully.

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Blogger josh said...

nice to hear from you, waffy! we have been to a nice beach or two, so don't lose hope! here's hoping you guys get the job. a UN lawyer i met the other day said there's plenty of lawyering to be done here.

p.s. say hi to woopy.

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