Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How to Make a Living in Spite of 85% Unemployment, Pt.5

A recurring series dedicated to the heroes of the informal economy. Get that paper.

Ground Pea Candy Girl

1. Wake up at 2AM(!)

2. Go to the ground pea (peanut) seller, get a heap of grand peas.

3. Buy sugar and several sheets of old newspaper from a newspaper seller.*

4. Spend an hour or two taking the shells off the ground peas.

5. Crush them into a paste until they are good and oily.

6. Add sugar.

7. Form the mixture into a long, flat loaf and let it sit for a while.

8. Cut into long slices, lay them out to harden for a while, put into a jar.

9. Sell candy on the street for LD$5 each (US$1=LD$86), wrapping each one in a shred of newspaper, and catching a nap whenever you can.

10. Go to bed a 7PM.

The candy is great, and gives you lots of protein. Thanks to 10 year old Piti (sp?) for the information. Her mom was selling fruit alongside. With her schedule, something tells me she’s not going to school.

*Will look into the supply chain of the old newspaper, which for some reason comes from Holland! We saw the same stuff way out in the Western counties, too.


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