Monday, July 17, 2006

Iron Lady vs. Miss Liberia

The Miss Liberia contest was held on Saturday, sponsored in part by UNICEF [Daaah, what?]. But the President, who can boast a women's rights pedigree as long as your arm, couldn't be bothered.

"The intent and purpose of the contest in the past gave negative images and pictures of what was meant", president Sirleaf disclosed. "I would have given my full support to the contest if it were Miss. Development instead".

In our book, that's an out-of-the-park home run. But the Liberian Times "newspaper" embarrasses itself with a melodramatic rejoinder:

"[The president's words] may likely weaken the growing morale among officials of government and the entire Liberian populace who have earlier planned to support and identify with this year Miss. Liberia."

What kind of writer uses the term "may likely"?


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