Thursday, August 10, 2006

State Security Still Shooting Each Other

Whatever's going on in the ranks of the state security forces ain't over yet. There was another shooting incident yesterday morning, this time at the home of Deputy Special Security Director, Ashford Pearl. It was either...
an armed robbery attack, an assassination attempt or a false alarm being raised by the Deputy SSS boss to apparently exonerate himself from the recent attack at the home of his boss, Col. Massaquoi.

One of Massaquoi's bodyguards was killed the other day, and this Pearl guy was let go after questioning. Editorials are raging at his release, likening it to the old days when the cops roamed and killed with impunity. A few papers are going with the story of the love triangle between the two SSS officials, but who knows.

Ellen is over a barrel because I'm sure she'd like to create a personal bodyguard force, her own cops that she could trust, but this country (like many other West African states) has a bad history with such special forces. The papers constantly warn against the idea, and I'm sure she'd like to leave office without having re-institutionalized the practice.

[Okay this time I mean it. No more posts til Monday.]


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