Friday, October 27, 2006

Local NGO Making Good

Just got ahold of the magazine published by The Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy (FOHRD) , a group of "human rights and pro-democracy activists (in and outside Liberia)" run by this guy, who's often quoted in newspaper stories on budget and political issues. I wouldn't tend to focus on the literature of a particular NGO, but such a thing is so rare in Liberia, it really stands out.

They don't divulge their funding sources in the magazine, but they do have a nice manifesto calling for a raft of democratic reforms. The best part is an interview with the civil service boss Dr. C. William Allen, in which he explains the various pressures on government as it tries to trim the extremely bloated civil service workforce. The interview offers a nice balance against an 8-page story about the difference between civil service salaries ($30/month) and ministry salaries ($1500/month). Incidentally, according to FOHRD, the president makes $6000/month, while the vice president and house speaker both pull down $5000/month. This kind of content would be a welcome addition to the Liberian newspapers.

FOHRD tends to blame the executive too much for the country's woes, but that's like the national pastime. It's nice to see a group of critics doing something, digging into the issues, and not just complaining.


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What an incredible guy! How inspiring!

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