Friday, October 13, 2006

Looting Yesterday

This happened before, at the end of the transition government when Johnson-Sirleaf came into office; government employees stealing everything in sight from the Capitol building.

Recently the goverment got a bunch of money to renovate the place, and the other day lawmakers were asked to vacate temporarily so that the work could proceed. But despite the ugly precedent, security was again allowed to lapse:

The facial expression of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Edwin Melvin Snowe, who was also seen yesterday at the Capitol, showed concerns about the manner and form in which government properties were being hustled away from the Capitol.

He was however instrumental in stopping some men possessing welding machines from attempting to break down the Central Air Cool to be used as scraps.

And from another story...

The looters have already removed rugs at the Rotana and the Joint Chamber while commodes in all of the bathrooms at the House wing have disappeared. [I think they mean "rotunda". -Ed.]

Those arrested in connection with the looting include, James Cargeor, Director of Maintenance of the House of Representatives, and two police officers assigned at the Capitol.

If those arrested are guilty, I guess this could be seen as something of an improvement. Last time the perps were lawmakers' staff.


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