Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Steel Deal Sucks

After the war ended, they had an interim government here, which was a total wreck. Among other misdeeds, this interim government signed a number of questionable deals with multinationals. One of these deals, with Mittal Steel, is now being attacked by Global Witness for creating "a state within a state", where human rights and environmental laws can be ignored. Iron Lady says she's reviewing the contract.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with the BBC's positioning itself as defending Mittal Steel? And what about that horrible Firestone article and series of photos. Firestone has been accused of horrible human right abuses in Liberia, including slavery!

"BBC developing world correspondent David Loyn says Liberia's economy will undoubtedly be strengthened and the contract will provide jobs." What's with this, the BBC couldn't find a legitimate source to say this so the journalist just said it himself? Excuse me?

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