Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Website for State Radio/TV

Ladies and gentlemen, the Liberia Broadcasting System!

From the About Us page:

At the moment, there are no television (TV) equipment and studio facilities, also no Medium (MW) & Short wave (SW) facilities and equipment, which were used in the past to broadcast throughout the country and beyond. The Frequency Modulation (FM-89.9) facilities including its building were also burnt down completely thus, leaving behind the cracked walls.

The system is presently transmitting on an FM Transmitter (FM-99.9) that covers far less than 60 miles away from its CPU, which makes it very impossible to cover the entire nation. Presently, Radio France International (RFI) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) have installed two Frequency Modulation (FM) Transmitters on the compound of the Liberia Broadcoasting System that enable these great countries to relay all of their regular programs on both FM-103 and FM-106 respectively.

Pretty nice website, though.


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