Friday, March 02, 2007

Government Apologizes for Banning Newspaper

The Inquirer newspaper today has an exclusive interview with Assistant Information Minster Designate for Information Services, Gabriel I.H. Williams, who says the Liberia National Police chaining of the doors of The Independent newspaper was an error and it will not be repeated. I wonder who gave the order in the first place. Does this mean The Independent will be back in action tomorrow?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a weird technical argument but this is what I think he meant. He was apologizing to the businesses that have offices in the same building but was not apologizing for the ban imposed on "The Independent". The paper remains banned. So the headline is a bit misleading. He said the paper could operate but not publish. Well, I don't see how a newspaper office can continue to operate without publishing. It is their license to publish that has been revoked and not their license to operate a business entity. So technically, his argument is that while they can run a business they cannot publish a newspaper. In other words, the police should not have shut down their business.

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