Friday, July 13, 2007

Crappy Liberia Coverage in Time Magazine

This story is annoying. It's supposed to be a scary warning about the West African country of Guinea-Bissau as the newest narco-state.

Interesting premise, but even as it mentions Liberia only once in a list of countries, somehow more than half of the pictures they used (I'm talking about the print version) were taken in Monrovia. Are they suggesting that Liberia is some kind of narco-state as well? Or were they just too lazy to find a photographer in Guinea-Bissau?

Imagine if Time Magazine did a story about New Jersey being the car theft capital of the USA, and then half of the pics were taken in Massachusetts. Would that make sense? No. Would people in Massachusetts have the right to be offended? Yes. Time's editors are just assuming there's little chance that their audience will notice or draw the distinction between the various countries in deep, dark, scary Africa.

Furthermore, they print a picture of a pile of alleged cocaine cash, all in Liberian dollars, and I guess the reader is supposed to think it's a huge stash of filthy loot. But to the educated eye it looks like an amount of LD worth about US$8. Come on! I have that much LD on my dresser after changing a ten dollar bill!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what are u trying to say because i don't think i understand what u are saying would please clearfied that to me? Are you jealous because time magazine has liberia photo? Or are you trying to saying something else please would you please write me and an email on this address please i beg i just to disscus somthing with you that i can't say right now my address is

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Ben said...

I think it was clear what the writer was saying. Why would he or she be jealous about negative photos of Liberia? Time magazine did not do their homework. They did a story on Gunea-Bissau but used photos of Liberia instead.

6:07 PM  
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