Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Surf Movie about Liberia

"Sliding Liberia" [trailer at YouTube] follows a group of young surfers to Liberia in search of more than perfect waves. As they travel through the West African country, devastated by decades of brutal civil war, they record the stories of people they meet along the way----people like Alfred, a young boy who became Liberia's first surfer after finding a bodyboard while fleeing from rebels. Besides rediscovering a world-class point break that could be the best-kept secret in the surfing world, the surfers find something much more important----a way to travel responsibly in the 21st century.
Website coming soon.

In other Liberia cinema news, another crew was here recently making a movie out of this book.

And to continue the thread, you know that movie "Lord of War" with Nicolas Cage? Was it actually filmed in Liberia? I haven't seen it since before coming here.


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