Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Money for Education

The European Commission (EC) has presented a 12 million Euro (US$ 14.4m) agreement to President Johnson-Sirleaf for long-term assistance and quick impact support to the education sector of Liberia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope there will be made available jobs for professional Liberian educators to compete for these positions and they will not be quietly appointed. This leaves traces of doubt and weeds out a significant segment of Liberians who are highly qualified, passionate and competent out of the loop.

Many of us are in the Diaspora and anxious to return home but see no opportunity available as we " have no connections ".

Those close to our leader must present the scenario of Liberians stranded in foreign nations outside of Africa and who are very desirous of returning home but see no opportunities available.

This very valuable asset of human resource which is vital to stimulating our economy, if simply ignored as insignificant will be a permanent error and grave injustice as most of us are outside the country because of the circumstances; not of our free will.

All possible effort must be made to circulate these Liberians and resettle them at home immediately as their return will be to the overall growth, development and sustainability of our NEW NATION that God has shown mercy on us to restore.

Let the focus not only be on those in neighboring African countries in refugee camps.

We must open our lenses to the full context of this new era for all Liberians globally.

This is no time to limit our vision and remain naive as we have paid too dear a price for this New Beginning in our nation and for blacks worldwide.

Africa Must UNITE!

We must by no means trivialize the extent of what our country has undergone since 1980 and quickly forget the nearly two decades of genocide.

Our leaders must deligently seek God's wisdom and bring each and every Liberian into the fold and not disregard anyone as insignificant.

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