Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Three Thoughtful Expat Liberia Blogs

Emily, Rupert, and Molly from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government are working for the summer inside various government ministries.


Blogger megan215 said...

Hello, my name is Megan Sullivan, I volunteered with the refugee Liberian community at Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana last spring. Currently, the people of this community are in crisis following mass arrests for peaceful protests at the camp. I have teamed with NGOs and individuals who worked or have worked in Buduburam, we have started a petition calling on authorities to insure that the rights of refugees in Ghana are being upheld.
We are gravely concerned by the fate of the 600 detained refugee women and children and believe that the international community needs to step in to insure that the rights and well-being of refugees are being safeguarded!

Here is the link to the petition -

Please sign the petition and then forward and post it to all sites that may be relevant!
Thank you for your consideration!

Megan Sullivan

4:44 PM  
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